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Home Entertainment System Installation

Set up your equipments when you move in your new house, upgrading your home entertainment or relocate your telecommunications outlets can be a confusing job, without technical support. We will safely install your entertainment and telecommunication system and Mount your LED LCD  or Plasma TV Plus equip your home throughout with all the necessary infrastructure.

We connect and set up all your devices (Cable TV, FOXTEL,  Blue Ray, Play Station, iPod, Game Console) to your amplifier and will use wall mounts or in ceiling speakers to enhance your space and your sound experience. Call: Ali 0402 637 394 or Get a FREE Quote

Our AV Staff are Friendly & Professional

Our trained technicians are available to assist with your installation and will provide convenient and safe solutions to all your relocation and connection needs. Simply Connect can offer both technical support and professional advice to ensure your move is problem and stress free.

We can install your entertainment and telecommunication system  with all the necessary infrastructure. Wall mounts, power points, internet points, phone sockets and Cable TV points. Otto 0433 107 846

Plasma and LCD Wall Mounting

Simply Connect come into your home and Mount any TV’s onto your wall. TV Wall & Ceiling Mounting, TV Set Up, Home Theatre Installation and Set Up
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TV and Home Entertainment Reconnection

We setup up your TV and Home Entertainment Systems.  Home Cinema & Installation, Surround Sound Optimisation . Find out More>>

Surround Sound System Installations

TV Home Theatre (Surround Sound) Installation and Set Up, Surround Sound Optimisation for Home Entertainment Units. Find out More>>

Broadband internet Cable & ADSL

We can install your broadband internet outlets (cable internet or phone) in your office, lounge room or any room of your preference

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Phone Line Relocations

Are you wanting to have your Telephone System Relocated, or have your phone lines added to multiple rooms? Simply Connect can install multiple phone lines within your home or office. We can also connect phone lines from you MDF to your house or replace old phone cable that get you noise on the line.
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Cable TV & Foxtel Relocation

Do you want to relocate the view  of your Foxtel or just add a new Foxtel or Optus cable outlet somewhere in your house? Call us on 0402627294
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