Home Theatre System Installation

Home Theatre System Installation

A complete Home Theater System must consist of the following things:

  • A television set or a flat screen though a projector may be used.
  • Home theatre speaker array (consists of the center speaker, front left and right speakers and the surround speaker)
  • Av or a home theatre receiver
  • Connection to a cable network.
  • Sound meter.
  • Appropriate cables and cords.
  • Subwoofer


Home theatre system installation can be a DIY (do it yourself) project when one knows where and how to place each system component. When you are a newbie to such forms of entertainment, then it is advisable to talk to us  to work on the installation.Depending on free after-sale installation services might not bring the desired mood to your home, although that can also be an option.

The Cost Matters

Many will approximate the cost between $100 and $1500. This varies with the type of firm rendering the service and the region.

Installation Procedure for DIY Projects

One might go for the option of doing the whole installation process by themselves. Some companies have put this into consideration and created guides that come with the complete theatre system kit. The procedure below might not match with the guide provided by a system’s manufacturer. This does not mean they are wrong; these steps are intended to help you get the best out of your system arrangement.

While installing the system, the following steps should be followed to achieve the optimum outcome.

  1. Place the center speakers above or below the screen. This position enables you to get the best dialogue audio from the speakers.
  2. Put the front left and right speakers a few inches from one another. Putting them close to one another provides a small sound stage. They may also produce low-quality sound when placed in room corners.
  3. Surround speakers should be located above the ear level. They help transfer quality stereo soundtrack from the front left and right speakers.
  4. There has never been the best point to position the Subwoofer. Most guides state that they should be placed below the center speakers. This has not proven to work in every household. The best thing to do is to try out different positions in the room.

Technology evolves with time. Most people are trying to keep up with the pace. Companies too are trying to tighten loose ends just to achieve their consumers’ satisfaction. Living in an era where gadgets are valued more than any other thing has proven to be harder than thought. In Simply Connect we are up to date with the latest brands to make sure they will last for a long time and also, that you receive the quality you are after.

The Cost of a Wireless Surround System

What is the cost of a surround system? This is probably the question every consumer asks when they step into any retail shop and fail to see the price tag on an item. The cost of a wireless surround sound system varies greatly with location and brand.

Installing a Wireless Surround System

It is relatively cheaper to do the installation process yourself without having to hire someone. Since the speakers are wireless, it is less stressful to connect them to the main sound source. The process requires just some little crude knowledge on electronics and of course your preferences will dictate many aspects of the installation. The installation procedure is no different to that of the typical surround sound system. You just place the speakers as indicated on their labels. The direction of speaker placement should be about the entertainment center. For instance, when a speaker is marked right, it should be placed on the right side of the entertainment center. Like in the standard surround sound system, the subwoofer is positioned anywhere where the bass is at the optimum level. There is no best location for a Subwoofer.
When you decide to hire someone to do the donkey work, you’ll have to part with $75 an hour for the service. Is it worth it? Well, if you are busy doing other business, then you can opt for hiring a tech, but if you can find some time to set up the system, you’ll save some coins to buy an extra speaker. Interestingly, as the entertainment devices get more sophisticated, their usability keeps getting easier. You don’t have to freak out when you see a surround system in a retail shop because you can install it yourself with just a little knowledge.

Simply connect works directly with a number of big brands. Let’s have a chat to find out what is it that you in mind. Get un touch with us today by clicking HERE!

Home Theatre installation
Home theatre installation
Home Theatre installation