TV Wall Mounting installation

TV Wall Mounting is not a DIY job


We have been professionally doing TV wall mounting installations and sound systems for more than a decade with very happy and repeat customers. We come to your home or business premises and assess the right mounting to suit your space, on wall or ceiling, for your peace of mind. We run cables inside the wall where possible or can provide alternative solutions to avoid unsightly hanging cables. We can professionally install TV speakers and sound systems.

We create a neat and comfortable area for you to enjoy your home entertainment or business needs.


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Television is a must have gadget in every home. That perhaps is the main reason why most people prefer to own one before stepping up to buy other household items. Since this is an era where quality and lifestyle go hand in hand, most people prefer owning classy gadgets. This has seen big firms producing quality sets reap big from their investments.

It goes without saying that the trendiest television on the market currently are the flat panel sets. However, before you sink in your couch to watch your favorite movie or the day’s news, you have to install your newly acquired TV. The knowledge on TV wall installation is also crucial when you are moving to a new home.

Setting up your awesome telly on the wall of the house is a process that requires knowledge. It entirely involves the use of TV brackets and the right tools in order to avoid a painful and expensive DYI nightmare. This helps in cluttering a room, freeing floor or table space and increasing screen visibility.

Have you tried doing it yourself?

The TV wall installation process is not very easy. It involves a number of procedures, which you will find stated in most of the kit manuals. However, every wall is different and you might need special tools to complete the set up.

They instruct on where kit components should be placed. The procedure can be alternated such that one starts from the last step as long as every part of the kit is at its required place. Of great importance is the point where the TV will be installed. The ideal point is one which offers you and your family members or guests a comfortable view. You also have to make sure that the screen is not hit by reflections of light.

Simply connect has been doing TV wall installations for over 15 years and we can certainly look after you either at home or your business.

Go Step by Step

A typical installation process begins with the first step which is attaching the mounting bracket on the TV. Attaching the mounting bracket to the wall comes then follows. This is done using thicker bolts since it is the most important procedure in installation. It is advisable that the person installing the wall mount bracket be very keen since a slight mistake could lead to serious damage on the TV set.

The next thing is connecting the cables. This step is less stressful to people who own digital sets. Hanging the TV is the last step though most installation manuals fail to mention it. Their guess is that this is an obvious procedure once every other has been done.

After all is done, you can then switch on your telly, take a seat and enjoy watching. With the wall installation technology, it is now easier to set up a TV set. However, with the fast advancing field of entertainment, we might as well hope for improved televisions and easier modes of installation in the future.

Tv Wall mounting installation